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Had the chicken sandwich and fries. Good flavor and cooked perfect. Good fries. Have a Mackelson Stout for great beer.

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Very good food with a nice balcony view of Bridgetown The food was very good (best Flying Fish I’ve had) and the prices were very reasonable, especially for Barbados.
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De Office Vibes My friend and I who had just arrived from Canada met at the office cafe just to have a chat and enjoy a good meal the view over the city is amazing,filled with traffic,stores and alot of activity. The environment was friendly and inviting. The food was so amazing I could hardly contain my excitement Burger and fries were amazing I highly recommend.
Nice bar and nice decor and friendly staff Nice bar and good menu. It’s ideally situated opposite the large duty free store on the first floor. Everything is cooked fresh, unlike some other nearby food establishments. We had chicken strips and loaded fries. Food was nice, service was excellent. Definitely recommend this bar if the shopping gets too much
Main Street Barbados Good food, had snacks wrap and fries to share plenty for 2, cold drinks, service ok, very friendly but as it’s so busy forgot stuff, music is fabulous in bustling Bridgetown.
Hey we’re in Barbados Excellent food also nice cold beers . Excellent service by Rose she’s friendly and helpful , nice reggae music in the background. Excellent WiFi service .
Great spot overlooking Broad Street Find the entrance on a side street to get a balcony restaurant with a lovely view of bustling Broad Street. I had a very tasty chicken leg and chips (salad on offer, if required) washed down with Banks. Shawn and Mario were perfect bar food providers. Great stop amidst a hot and tiring shopping trip.
Hidden treasure We visited here, just before lockdown, when we were last in Barbados. As we were shopping in Bridgetown we searched it out again. As before, it is a lovely respite from busy Broad Street. A Banks is compulsory (for me and hubby anyway) and I had breadfruit wedges as I’d eaten previously. Others, in our group, said the chicken wraps were really tasty. I recommend this cafe/bar 100%
Hidden gem I’m having to post-date this but I’ve been a regular visitor on our trips. Everyone wants to go shopping and I just want a bit of chill time, so I head upstairs and grab a Banks. If you’re lucky, the balcony is free and you can catch the breeze while Bridgetown rushes past on the street below. You sit above and just relax. I know watching traffic doesn’t sound too nice but try it; it’s surprisingly peaceful. Food is great and we’ll-priced. Not over-complicated and they get a steady stream of business people on their lunch hour so waiting times are shorter than some other places.


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